5 Fashion Tips For Latino Men

It may sound pretty odd, but when you desire so much to look your best, it seems that you almost never get the satisfaction you crave for. The pieces of advice you get most times revolve around the suit and tie, but that’s not the style you are looking for almost all of the time.

I know in these times of social sensitivity that it’s no longer proper to talk about people, especially their outfit. But to be sincere the unbearable state of some men’s style compels me to. Honestly, I dare to say, wearing a baseball cap on a clement weather or a tracksuit when you are not exercising is a crime.

You have to be more realistic about your environment, keep your style simple and always aim to look mature. Avoid portraying yourself as a teenager because the attractive quality in men is maturity.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should dress like your dad but the point is, there are casual wears you can probably get from thrift stores which can make you look simple, masculine and sharp.

Here are the best tips for you to keep up with the style you always wanted and still look classy.

Always Keep It Simple

Style is not about buying the latest shoes or expensive suit that is way out of your budget, it is about using your clothing to send a message about who you are. Spending on expensive items and investing much in fancy clothing is not a good way for you to start.

Take a look at your environment; I don’t know where you are right now, you can be in Mumbai, Chicago, Johannesburg, London, take cues from your environment and there is a local style you probably need to put pretty much attention to. Use what you have that will suit your location. Keep it simple and don’t make it overly complicated.

Let Go of Graphic Tees for more Mature Look

Let’s be practical, a lot of men who wear graphic tees are perceived as those who don’t want to grow up and believe me, you don’t want to create that impression. Let go of those graphic tees and look for solid, one-colour tees or striped tees.

For example, a white shirt with a pair of blue jeans looks great. Such style can make you stand out, much cooler and masculine in appearance. It also goes really well with a well trimmed beard. latino fashion tips for men

Put more Value on Style and Your Image

Most people will say don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, when it comes to creating that first impression, people will judge you by your appearance. A good personality is very important. If you need to nail that first impression, your style should match your environment and what is acceptable in your society. The way you dress is the way you will be addressed and that will certainly depend if people should take you seriously.

Go for clean and well-fitted attire and dress appropriately for your age. Decorate your wrist with good accessories like a leather bracelet or wear a watch. This adds a bit of personality to your outfit. A naked wrist seems very boring.

Forget About Fashion Trends

If you need to work on your style with timeless wardrobe, Looking towards the fashion world to see what’s trendy won’t help. The fashion world is meant for those who are really obsessed with fashion. Fashion trends change too fast and you may not afford to keep up with the trends by replacing your wardrobe each month. You can simply add more varieties to your wardrobe, like Jeans and preferably Chinos with one pair of color such as camel, grey colors and get rid of worn out clothing. More variety of Chinos can also come with subdued colors like army green or burgundy.

Acquire Classy Footwear

Do you really think people don’t notice your shoes? They do. Shoes represent attention to details. Keep in mind that they (especially ladies) see shoes as a way of measuring your social status. If you are stuck juggling between a pair of shoes to wear, you can go for desert shoes which looks nicer to replace your everyday sneakers.

You can as well spend more to acquire brown leather shoes which are dressy and can fit all types of casual wears.

Both desert shoes and leather shoes are durable and last for years.

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