Beard Trend Tips For Latino Men This Year

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It goes without saying that beards have evolved in recent years, with the forefront going from the clean shaven face to one that is filled with hair and style.

Everyone is joining the trend, with famous athletes like Lebron James to celebrities like Ben Affleck. There is no shortage of Latino men either who grow out their beards, including the best soccer player in the world Lionel Messi.

So let’s say you’re a latino man who wants to grow out his beard, where do you start? Well, there are certain key styling tips to be aware of before diving face in to the hair.

Let’s take a look at 5 of these to take your beard to the next level.

  1. Daily trimming keeps proper shape and style:
    You are obviously aware that if you have a beard, you need to trim it. But did you know that you should do it daily? Proper beard care requires you to get that hair trimmed with the best beard trimmer you can find from reputable brands, especially since you will be using it daily.There are other guides out there, but that is one of the most detailed and precisely accurate you will find. That basically sums up the first and most important tip.
  2. Washing or oiling your beard daily is keyA close second on the importance meter is washing or oiling your beard on a daily basis. You can find beard oils out there that require a couple of drops to seep between the hairs and hydrate both your beard and face with ease.If that’s not for you, or you find those products to be too overbearing, you can simply buy a beard wash and just use it in the morning. This keeps your facial hair both healthy and from smelling bad, so its quite important.
  3. Choose a style that fits your faceAn often overlooked tip, find a style that looks good on you. As a Latino man, presentation is important so you don’t want to choose too crazy of a style.Birchbox has made a very helpful chart that portrays facial shape types and matches them with what type of facial hair looks good. Study this chart and try it out if applicable to your facial hair growth. It really works.
  4. Eat foods rich in Vitamin B3, B5, and B9.These vitamins are what your beard relies on for nutrition to keep looking healthy. Foods that have these vitamins include egg yolk, milk, meat that is lean, several nuts, green vegetables that are leafy, sesame seeds, and even ground ginger.Cut down on fried foods, too much carbohydrates, and sugary drinks. Diet is important for every part of your body, including your beard.
  5. Brush your beard if it is longUnless you are styling a stubble look, you should be brushing your beard regularly. Why?Brushing your facial hair keeps the hairs aligned in one direction and prevents those loose hairs from ruining your look. Furthermore, if you couple it with a beard oil you will be able to properly hydrate every part of your beard to keep it looking healthy and avoid dandruff from building up.

As you can see, more and more latino men are growing beards nowadays, so it’s important that proper care is applied. There are many guys out there that already know most of these tips, but don’t follow them.

With that said, you should always be practicing these because it is worth it. You will see results that your eye will find alluring, and it will be much easier to maintain this lifestyle afterwards.

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