5 Irresistible Latina Looks from the 90’s

5 Irresistible Latina Looks From the 90s

We all have fond memories from the 90’s, but there’s no doubt that all of us have been influenced in some way or another, by these iconic trends every Latina woman remembers. These are our top five irresistible trends set in the 90’s that are making their comeback, all thanks to the help of Latina women all over the world.

Hoop Earrings

Every girl in the 90s had at least one pair of silver or gold hoop earrings. Whether they were fairly small or large enough to hit your shoulder, we’ve seen them all. Hoop earrings have been around for decades, but the 90’s thrived on these silver and gold statement pieces. Get ready to dig through your childhood jewelry box, this fashion statement is going to be seen everywhere. Hoop earrings will be hitting the shelves for every chica to enjoy.

Crop Tops

It was the era to experiment with fashion, and women in the 90’s rocked the crop top look. Jennifer Lopez, iconic latina singer, actress, and fashion designer is well-known for her crop top outfits and inspiring women’s fashion for years to come. It’s no wonder why crop tops are making a comeback, showing off a little bit of your midsection for the sake of fashion can be a sexy way to show off your latina curves.

Choker Necklaces

These small minimalistic accessories were what 90s girls cherished. It was the edgy street style look that defined 90’s childhood. If you didn’t own a black choker necklace when you were a kid, did you really grow up in the 90s? In case you missed this fashion trend when you were growing up, there’s no need to fear because this is your second chance! The next time you are in your favorite clothing store, don’t be surprised when you see this look waiting for you before you hit the cash registers.

Nameplate Jewelry

Nameplate jewelry in the 90s was highly favorable to Latina women in the 90s. These gold-plated name plates had to have your name in gold cursive paired with an equally stated gold chain to match. Every girl remembers the excitement of finding their name plate, or even ordering a custom piece made especially for them! Everything about this accessory screamed Latina culture, and it’s a look we can get behind!

Bright Red Lips

One of the most influential Latina women in the music industry was Selena Quintanilla. Her untimely death left fans missing her for years to come. Incredibly, dedicated fans from around the world were inspired to push MAC Cosmetics to bring her style back to life by offering a line of makeup specifically designed after the late singer’s bold red lipstick. This 90’s fashion statement leaves us with all the 90s nostalgia! There’s a reason why this new make up line is in high demand. Latina women from all over the world have gathered to get their hands on this once in a lifetime opportunity to remember her incredible influence in the Latin world.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our Latino men. For more trend-setting tips for men, check out our blog here.


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