Rock Your Best Look, Siempre!

Rock your best look, siempre

Models, designers and fashion lovers everywhere flooded runways and fashion shows this year to catch a glimpse at the upcoming trends ahead for this spring and summer’s must-have look.

A new season of natural beauty is on the rise with shades of rose gold, and shimmery eye shadows to set the tone for a fun-filled spring and summer. Some of the most dramatic transformations on the runway appeared to be stated by electric hues with glittery and colorful details around the eyes. There was no shortage of fun and colorful makeup this season, but natural beauty has also sparked the attention of designers and artists throughout the world.

From everything to 80’s-inspired color popped eye shadow and blush duo, to a more feminine and flowery garden party look, below are some of the prettiest ideas and makeup trends that you will start seeing everywhere. Get ready to refresh your makeup collection with these simply stunning inspirations. 

1. Highlighter over Contour

Eliminate the heavy contoured look and go for creating a defined shape with a highlighter and blush duo. The shape of your face plays an important role when deciding where you want to focus natural-looking sun kissed cheeks. By making certain areas of your skin lighter, you can achieve a soft, more radiant, look to your everyday regime. Perfecting your highlighter will make it easier to pull off your perfectly imperfect wavy beach hair.

A great blush will leave you with washes of pink that will be sure to turn heads. Be careful not to go with blush that may be too bright. You want to find a blush with a touch of shimmer to really bring out your highlighted cheeks. Solid shimmer can eliminate the need to contour heavily and sculpts the face without being over done.

This year we’ve also seen models flaunt this look with a winged eyeliner finish. This natural sun-kissed look skips contouring, and even eliminates finishing powder to bring out a fresh dewy highlight. Focus on your natural features so you can be the most authentic version of yourself. Being unique is beautiful!

2. Pressed blush vs. Powder blush

At one time or another you have fallen in love with 1 or 2 (maybe even more) colors of blush. Shades of peach, raspberry with hints gold are going to be seen a lot this season. Finding the right blush should give you reasons to splurge this summer. The question now is, do you go for a pressed blush or a powdered blush?

The choice between a pressed blush and a powdered blush start with the sort of look you want to achieve and the type of skin you have. If you tend to have oily skin you may want a powdered blush to help absorb your natural oils for a finished matte look. If you notice that you tend to be on the drier side, a cream blush can help eliminate an unwanted flakey look.

Pay attention to the products in your collection and make sure you are not only looking at the color of your blush, but what types of products you are applying to you delicate skin.

3. Nectar and Peach Eye Shadow

To continue on the trend of soft subtleties, soft pinks and organic neutrals applied to the eyes ruled the runway. Setting the tone for a beach look starts with fresh and natural beauty. Inspired by a summer flower garden party, make up designers have focused on the eyes with colors like nectar and peach shimmers. Rose gold around the eyes with more shimmer added to the brow bone has been seen over and over again, and it’s no wonder why! This flower-petal inspired look is why this year’s spring and summer trends are sure to stick around.

4. Monochrome vs. colorful eye palettes

Maybe this summer your plans have you skipping the beach and headed straight for a girl’s night out! If so, take another look at your eye shadow pallets. Blue eye shadow is making a come back this season, and this look is one that will take time to perfect! While blue eye shadow has always been hard to use, now it’s easier than ever to stop in to your favorite beauty shop and head directly to monochromatic eye shadow pallets.

Bring out your own personality with eye shadow pallets that give you a wide range of monochromatic colors or have fun with this year’s electric colored trends. You might start to see bright and electric colored eye shadow paired like never before! Have fun with eye shadows and remember that your confidence will help you rock that summer kick off!

5. Statement Eyes or Lips

One of the last tips from the runway this year was choosing between statement eyes or lips. You can decide to go bold with one or the other and balance off your style with a fun hairstyle or favorite jewelry pieces. If you choose to rock statement eyes, use smoked out shapes and don’t forget rich and lasting finishing mascara. If you choose a statement lip color, layer your lips with a clear gloss shine. A bold matte red lip with simple features can help to balance out the look.

Follow any of these tips and your summer will be filled with fun and refreshing looks one day after the next. All of your friends will be asking you what you have been doing differently lately, and you’ll be able to tell them that it all started with natural beauty.

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